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Stephen Murphy

Sales Person

Stephen Murphy

For twenty years, Stephen Murphy has served as an effective and reliable member of the Brian Mark Real Estate team. A people person at heart, he has built his reputation on his capacity to connect with people, understanding their needs on a deep level and following through on the promises that he makes. He is always honest with those around him, putting trust at the forefront of all his relationships, striving to put others at ease and empower them to make decisions for their own long-term success.

Prior to his work as an agent, Stephen worked in the town planning department for the local council. He earned the Pittard Group Platinum Badge Award in recognition of his steadfast commitment to top-quality real estate representation.

Happily married, Stephen and his family are active in the community. He is the President of the Wyndham Track and Field Club, Chairman of the Knights of the Southern Cross, and a member of the Werribee Football Club. In his free time, he enjoys both reading and writing books.