Brian Mark Real Estate

Jonathan Smith

Sales Person

Jonathan Smith

When Jonathan sits down with a client, he gets ready to do one thing: listen. He goes into each situation working hard to understand exactly what each client wants to make the real estate buying or selling process as comfortable as possible. His gift for communication makes him highly capable when it comes time to lead the way, guiding his clients through their decisions smoothly and calmly.

Jonathan has worked at Brian Mark Real Estate for ten years now. Within two years of his start, he was already making a name for himself, earning a Platinum Badge, a sign of great things to come. He values honesty, and he is known among real estate agents as trustworthy and able. When he tells clients that he is going to do something to achieve a certain result, he does exactly that. His sales experience is extensive, dating back to his time selling men's accessories and watches wholesale, and he knows how to negotiate on his clients' behalf.

Jonathan is a soccer tragic supporting Melbourne Victory. He lives locally and shares his home with his wife and their two sons. His hobbies include reading and gardening.