Goran Vukovic


About Goran

Goran is in his third year with the Brian Mark family previously assisting many consumers with more than 10 years' experience in real estate account management.
He earned his master's degree in accounting and is well-versed in account management with a strong suit in both financial and analytical skills.
A resident of Wyndham since 2014, Goran has extensive knowledge of the area and market. In his early 20s, he used his passion for real estate to buy his first property. His eagerness to learn, highly personable personality, and desire to meet people and build lasting relationships have ensured he's a trusted name in the business. Ever so loyal to his customers, he goes above and beyond to ensure his customers get the best possible outcome.
In his spare time, Goran spends his days outside with the family and has taken up playing tennis and cycling.


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